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Swarm Removals

If you have bees bunched up into what looks like a ball, and you are interested in removing them from your property, then we are here to do it all safely and smoothly as soon as possible. Please do not attempt to spray anything on or at the bee swarm (water, pesticide, etc.) Just contact us!


Honey Bees can sometimes take residence within your house or structure, and doing a cut-out can be tricky. The removal process can take from 5 hours for one man up to 8 hours for 2 men. It all depends on where the beehive is located in the building.


You may have a situation where bees are in a tree near your home. We will come out and place a trap over the exit. Although a slow process, it is an effective way to relocate a hive. This method may take a few weeks for the bees to vacate. When the queen senses that the foragers are not bringing in nectar and pollen anymore she will stop laying. The bees can exit their home but not get back in. We supply a movable home complete with brood and food they can occupy instead.


Our insect pollinators including the honeybee are becoming victims of pesticides, habitat destruction and are being destroyed in mass numbers. Honeybees are very efficient pollinators. and can be a very cost-effective way to dramatically increase crop yield.

Call us at 724-453-4628 for FREE honey bee swarm removal.

Alex Loya We maintain a natural, pesticide-free apiary located in Western Pennsylvania committed to providing services to remove and relocate honey bees.

We are NOT insect exterminators but BEEKEEPERS, seeking not to profit for ourselves only but for our beloved local communities too, as these amazing creatures are essential in the pollination process to bring nutritional fruits and veggies on the plates!
Pine Grove Bees main hives and mailing address is:
14 Woods Lane
Dawson, PA  15428

For more information, call us at 724-453-4628.  
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Swarm Removals

We will come out and get bee swarms in the following counties:

Fayette County

Connellsville, Dawson, Uniontown, Belle Vernon, Dunbar

Allegheny County

Pittsburgh, Monroeville, McKeesport, Penn Hills, Elizabeth

Westmoreland County

Greensburg, Jeannette, Mount Pleasant, Scottdale, Latrobe

Great service !!! I needed bees removed from a piece of residential estate property that I am trying to manage from 150 miles away. The bees had built a rather substantial hive behind some ornamental exterior stonework. With a simple phone call, the guys from Pine Grove Bees quickly and efficiently took care of the problem. They showed up when they said that they would and then proceeded to carefully grinded away the stonework and removed the bees and honey combs. Not only do I appreciate the service, I am happy to know that an attempt will be made to reestablish the hive in a more suitable location. Definitely give these guys a call if you need to have bees removed safely and quickly.

Chris Opall

I had the honey...its excellent!!

Pete Loya
Dawson, PA


A Stephen Medvigy
St. Augustine, Florida

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